How to meet people

Living on an overpopulated planet with an estimated world population of 7 billion, the probabilities of finding your perfect match are pretty damn high. Think about it, the minute you set foot outside your front door, you are immediately surrounded by people. Whether it’s during your morning commute to work, at your favorite coffee shop, your work place, the gym or the local food store - you name it, they are there.

How to catch his attention

Ladies, I’m going to state the obvious here – we all know it and yet we often seem to forget it: Guys are visual creatures. The first thing about us that will attract their attention is our appearance. By this I don’t only mean our physical beauty (although, I won’t lie: looking like Megan Fox always helps) but rather our exterior as a whole package, including our attitude, body language, posture, style etc. Make that first impression count.